Sawasdee krub (Hello) everyone! Valentine’s Day may technically be a Western tradition but love does spread throughout the human race. So to all you love birds out there in Bangkok or those with lonely hearts looking for something to do, we have a few tips for you this coming Valentine’s Day.
Visiting Temples in Bangkok/ A Day In Ayutthaya
For those of you out for a more adventurous day out in the sun, 
be sure to visit:
For those of you who are after a day experience outside of Bangkok, we recommend the ancient city of Ayutthaya, one of Siam’s old capitals.
To read more about Ayutthaya, be sure to check out our previous blogs:
Thai Cooking Classes
We are sure that many of you can’t get enough of Thai Food and perhaps eager to bring back a little slice of Thailand back with you. Fear not travellers, you can always take cooking classes and learn about the ingredients (which you can always find at a Chinese or Asian Groceries back at home) and the delicate ways of Thai Cooking. Cooking can be a lot of fun and a great way to go about a date. As relationships are all about developing together, this could be the productive activity you and your partner have been searching for.
Please find the link below of the popular cooking classes available in Bangkok. There is also a vegan/ vegetarian friendly one too!
A day in the park
Spend the day out in the sun and relaxing in the green spots of Bangkok such as Lumphini Park or Benjakiti Park. Walk through the parks with the variety of available local ice creams, ride the bikes or test out your couple skills while you both take on the pedalo/paddle boats around ponds. A day in the green sanctuaries of Bangkok could be delightful.
For those you artsy individuals, perhaps a painting date in the park could be a great idea to spend the day with your better halves.
We recommend you visit the following parks as they are most convenient to the hot spots and BTS/MRT stations so that you would maximize your day out:
Lumphini Park:
Benjakiti Park:
Benjasiri Park:
Classic Movie Date
A film, good company, dimmed lighting with a bit of chocolate, a sip of soft drinks and bizarre options of flavored popcorn (yes in Thailand have BBQ, Cheese and even truffle flavors available depending on the theatre). What could go wrong?
Going to the movies in Bangkok can be proven quite financially friendly with movie tickets anywhere from 120 – 200 THB per person. However, if you are willing to spend big for the occasion and get a little cozy with the sofa-beds and blankets, we suggest you at least try:
  • Embassy Diplomat Screen (900-1200 THB per person) – Central Embassy
  • Enigma at Paragon Cineplex (3,500THB per couple) – Siam Paragon
The fun part is that with your fancy seats or in this case, beds, there are phone chargers (now one of life’s greater essentials) and even concierge buttons where you can order anything from cocktails to snacks!
Enjoy the Sunset and Evening by the River/ the Old City
  • Sheepshank Public House
This restaurant is also right by river on Phra Athit Road in the old city with a great view, minimalist and industrial interiors. Be sure to try its range of non-mainstream beers with its American cuisine fusion with the explosive local flavours.
  • Asiatique
Walking down by the riverside at Asiatique has become a popular phenomenon since its establishment. Try out the ferris-wheel for a few romantic moments with a romantic view with your date for the night.
Enjoy shopping and walking through Asiatique’s dazzling and glowing night market. There are lots of shops, restaurants and great bars for you to explore.
The easiest way to get there from Chao Hostel or the Siam Area is by the BTS to Saphan Taksin Station and walk/ take a cab/ tuktuk to Asiatique.
Sky Bars and Clubbing
  • Havana Social
Ever want to be at a bar in Cuba? This is probably the closest thing you can get to one in this region (with airconditioning). Indulge yourself in the cool worn down architecture of a building that would actually exist in Havana or at least in the films. There’s a cigar bar upstairs and a cool band that plays from the balcony above as you and your partner salsa the night away to steamy Latino music.
  • Roof Top Bars
Some may say having the high ground is an advantage. They might be right. Bangkok is full of sky scrapers with amazing views and of course, fantastic roof top bars that are full of single people.
Please see to this page for a great list of roof top bars in Bangkok:
  • Khao San Road and Soi Ramburi
Always a classic. If you are not into tall buildings, dressing up fancy, expensive drinks, Khao San Road is not a bad investment for a good time. So buckle up and Indulge yourself in buckets, cheap street beer and food, its going to be a great night!
If you are after a more quiet street, be sure to visit Khao San Road’s parallel universe, Soi Ramburi. It is a little more quiet with a more chilled out feel on bars, nonetheless, you’ll be able to find a good party scene there.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of the Khao San Road experience before, we recommend starting the night from this* end of Khao San Road.
Happy Valentines Day everyone, all the best on your romantic day out.
From all of us at Chao Hostel. Sawasdee Krub.

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