Sawasdee torn chao (good morning) all!

Getting close to visiting Chao Hostel? Why not take a few minutes to plan your arrival to beautiful Bangkok? If you’re arriving from another country, you’re most likely to land in our international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport. Let us walk you through getting to our hostel via train! Chao Hostel is conveniently located 5 minutes (by foot) away from the National Stadium BTS station. Traveling by the airport link train is your best bet to arrive at the hotel in a speedy manner, avoiding Bangkok’s heavy traffic.

Once you’ve made it through immigration and baggage claim:

1) Head to the 1st floor: airport link costs 45 Baht max.

2) Ride the train until you reach the last station, “Phaya Thai”

3) Transfer from the link to BTS at this station, then head to “Siam Station” via Bearing Line

4) Change trains at Siam to “National Stadium” line, and get off one station away at “National Stadium” station

5) Walk 5 minutes to Chao Hostel


Heading back to Suvarnabhumi Airport from Chao Hostel:

1) Walk 5 minutes from Chao Hostel to “National Stadium” BTS station

2) Take BTS to “Siam Station” via “Bang Wa” line

3) Change trains at Siam and head to “Phaya Thai” BTS station via “Mo Chit” line

4) Transfer from BTS to airport link rail all the way to Suvarnabhumi airport


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In the case you’re traveling domestically, you’ll be going in and out of Don Mueang Airport (DMK). In that case, there is the #A1 bus that runs between the domestic airport to Mo Chit BTS station. Costing 30 Baht, you can easily head from Mo Chit station to the National Stadium station and to Chao Hostel with ease.

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Photo: Shutter Stock/Airport Rail Link