Sawasdee torn chao (good morning) all!

An internationally renowned metropolis, Bangkok has come a long way in the tourism industry. Although you’d be surprised by how accommodating we are to foreigners, you will no doubt experience a language barrier while here. So, to get you started, here are a few important phrases to get you by!


  • Hello – Sawatdee
  • Thank you – Kob khun
  • Ending sentences politely for men and women – ka (women)/ krub (men)

Example: Sawatdee ka/Sawatdee krub

  • Yes ­­– Chai (correct), Ao (Want)
  • No – Mai chai (incorrect), Mai ao (Don’t want)
  • Excuse me/ Sorry – Kor Tod
  • Help! – Chuay Duay


  • Do you speak English? – Khun pood pasa Angkrit dai mai?

Where “Angkrit” means English

  • I don’t understand – Mai kao jai
  • How do you say ______ in Thai? – Pasa Thai, ____ pood yung ngai?


  • How do I go there? – Pai yung ngai? For example, “Chao Hostel pai yung ngai?”
  • Where is the restroom? – Hong naam yoo ngai?

“Hong naam” means restroom

  • I want to go here. – Chun yak pai tee nii (For using when showing a picture, or map)
  • I’m lost – Chun long taang


  • Is this spicy? – Ped mai?
  • I don’t want spicy. – Mai ao ped
  • I am allergic to____. – Chun pae ____

Nuts – Tua

Seafood – Ahaan Talay

Feel Free to ask our staff for help on pronunciations! Enjoy practicing and welcome to Thailand!