Sawasdee torn chao (good morning) all!

If you’re visiting from South East Asia, these introductions may be unnecessary… however, if you’re visiting from Europe, North America, or anywhere else- Welcome to the wonderful world of exotic fruits!

Feeling Sour?

Passion fruit or “sawarot” is a well known one, but have you tried them fresh, cut in half and eaten with a spoon? Don’t let the black seeds scare you – they’re perfectly edible and add a great crunch. Not only is the flavor perfect for cleansing your palate, but like all sour fruits – high in Vitamin C. If you’re finding it too sour though, try adding a dash of salt to balance out the flavor! You can find passion fruit at any local market, with options to have its juice in supermarkets and street vendors. Try them in a smoothie with mangoes – wow, is that a flavor explosion!


Feeling Sweet?

You’ve probably come across this fruit in its raw natural form and wondered what it was called. The small brown round fruits with long stems – they’re “lum-yai”, or longan! You’ll have to peel them and be mindful of the hard sizable seed in the middle, but its worth the bit of effort. This sweet, very fragrant fruit is delicious fresh from its shell. You will also find them as a juice, dried, and mixed in with many Thai desserts!


Feeling Adventurous?

The King of Fruits! “Turian”, or Durian – you’ve heard all sorts of things about this golden gem. Sure, your first impression might be…”what is that odd smell?”. Although Durian does have quite a strong scent, don’t let it deter you from trying its deliciously smooth, creamy, sweet flavor! If you’re not quite adventurous to try it fresh, you can try it in many other forms. Common and delectable ways to enjoy this fruit is with sticky rice and coconut milk, or as ice cream! There are even Durian chips which taste very different from the fruit itself, that are highly addictive and satisfying.


These fruits can be found at almost any supermarkets, markets, or street stalls in Bangkok. An easy super market to access is at Paragon’s Gourmet Food Hall – at Siam Station, one BTS train ride away from National Stadium near Chao Hostel.

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