Sawaddee torn chao (good morning) people!

For each and every food lovers and keen travelers, there’s this one important thing from us.

Don’t leave Thailand without a round of street food trek.

Just don’t.

In Bangkok where streets are full of stalls and carts selling everything from drinks and snacks to filling dishes, there are some of the hubs you can just go for a fun and good food journey.

And today we’re talking about one of the biggest hubs, Yaowarat.

We’ve mentioned this street once in our Vegetarian Fest entry, but let’s make sure you know it’s not only during the fest that the area over here is vibrant.

Also known as Chinatown, Yaowarat is pretty much that—lots of Chinese shops selling fresh and dry ingredients, lots of Chinese people and, yes, Chinese food.

One great thing is that Yaowarat doesn’t limit itself with just that. There are also lots of local food and snacks on the street. And the street is good both daytime and nighttime.

Get there early in the morning and you’ll be able to catch some breakfast treats from morning kiosks. The thing with these specialists is that the goodies sell out quick. Baos and shumai cart Tae Lao Chai Lee is one of those you’ll want to meet them on the corner of Yaowaphanit Rd. before 9am.

For shumai connoisseur, we recommend going to Soi Plangnam and look for the humble shumai cart in front of the Chinese temple between 11:30am-6:30pm. The old man has been selling yummy shumai ever since. Near there in Soi Plapplachai locates the oyster pancake specialist named Nai Mong.

During the day, you can find at least ten roasted chestnut stalls, lined along the road sending out great warm scent. We wouldn’t miss having some of that.

In the evening, the scene gets even livelier.


Stop by Soi Texas (Padungdao Rd.) for some seafood fix. At the entrance of the soi you’ll see two die-hard rivals selling pretty much the same dishes. Here, you just need the basic rule of thumb: get yourself seated at the busier side and everything will be good.

For something soupy and peppery, head to the only cinema in the area “Chinatown Rama” and get your guay jub (wide noodles soup with pork meat and offal). And crispy pork belly is the real highlight here. A few steps down, you’ll find a stall, selling traditional khao gang (rice topped with curry). Ask for Nai Yong stall and get some great curries with your choice of pork or beef.

Sweet teeths fellows, look no further than Khanom Bueang Nai Tas for the traditional Thai-style crepe. Or spot the neon-lit Sweet Time and get some dessert bowls.

The best way to do this; however, is to explore by yourself. That way, you’ll be proud to discover a good place that you haven’t read about from any guide books.

Enjoy the trek and remember you can share with us your favorite stalls at our recommendation board.

Have a nice meal!

Getting there: A 15-minute walk from MRT Hualamphong station. Or get off BTS Saphan Taksin and take bus number 1.

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