Sawasdee torn chao (good morning) all!

If you’re a shopper who enjoys seeking the best deals, then nothing beats wholesale shopping in Bangkok. What is wholesale shopping exactly? Well, its where you can buy items individually at full price, or buy multiple items at discounted rates. Not only is it great to go with your friends to get deals together, but these market places will happily let you haggle the price!

Platinum Fashion Mall

This 6 floor monster-of-a-building has everything you can possibly imagine. From fashionable attire, to leather goods and souvenirs. You can spend all day getting lost in all the colorful garments and sparkling jewels. If you need a break from all the shopping, you can subside your hunger with almost any cuisine in the food court on the 6th floor. We recommend you visit this mall on a weekday, as weekends can get very packed and hectic!

How to get there: A five-minute walk from Chao Hostel to the National Stadium BTS station, take the train to Siam station, and continue on the skywalk to Central World. From there, cut across the front of Central World, and use another skywalk bridge connecting straight into the mall.

Sampeng – China Town

Sampeng is an indoor-outdoor maze right next to China Town, or “Yowarat”. If you’re visiting China town for lunch or dinner, we recommend you swing by right next door to Sampeng to experience merchants and stalls like you’ve never seen before. You’ll know you’ve hit Sampeng when you can see large bulks of items for sale, and a dizzying array of buyable goodies! You can get everything here from international grade tea, dried foods, to $1 accessories and knickknacks.

How to get there: You can either take a taxi straight there, or take the BTS from National Stadium to Sala Daeng, and interchange with MRT. Take the underground train to HuaLamphong station. From there, a short taxi ride will get you to Chinatown/Sampeng.


How to Bargain

If you’re going to do wholesale shopping properly, you should know how to bargain and haggle the price! If you see shops that do not have price tags – here are a few useful phrases:

  • “Tao rai ka/krub?” – How much is this item? (ka is used by women, and krub is used by men)
  • “Rod dai mai ka/krub?” – Can you discount? At this point you can write down a number you wish to bargain for, and see if they are willing to discount for you.
  • “Kob khun ka/krub” – Thank you. – If you were able to haggle for a good price!

Happy Shopping!

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