“Sawasdee tdorn chao” everyone!

Such an exciting morning we have here and without further delay, We would like to say…

Welcome to the first day and the official opening of Chao Hostel!!

To ensure you have a great experience of Bangkok during your stay with us. We will be blogging weekly with some fun topics and ofcourse update you with the current news of what’s going on in Bangkok. Here are some of the headlines that will be appearing on our blog on the website and on our Facebook page. Feel free to leave comments, friendly questions and queries and our team will be more than happy to answer your questions directly!!

Some of the randomly selected headlines you may see will be as such:

CHAO’s Suggested Day Trips:

We will do our best to create a plan for day trip on the day of our blog post, just in case you ran out of ideas or have no idea where to visit in Bangkok ☺

CHAO’s Survival Tips of the Week:

We will be blogging about all kinds of survival tips that may help you during your battles with Bangkok’s traffics, using the sky-train, how to know if your delicious street food are clean and certified, cheeky escapes from hot weather, strange local animals you may encounter and so much more!

CHAO’s Fun Fact of the Week:

These posts will revolve around the “Did you know that….?” form of fun and interesting facts about Thailand, Thai cultures and traditions, Thai unique colloquial sayings, Bangkok’s history and etc.

CHAO’s Street Food of the Week:

Well well well, this will be surely the most mouthwatering posts, we will be interacting with you. The Chao Hostel Staff will be tasting and showcasing all sorts of Thai street food, authentic and even the non-authentic ones! And of course we will share a bite with you, we are not that mean! These posts will come with the description of the food as well as the location of these street-food stalls and their opening times. We will try to find the best street food stalls in the area (as well as those located a little far away but they will be close to the important landmarks). Last but not least, we would like to proudly present:

CHAO’s Thai Word of the Week:

For those of you clever ones out there who may have noticed the first three words made out of the “Thai-Karaoke” language, you are not wrong there. The last word “chao” there is certainly a connection with the title of our hostel. “Chao” ( เช้า ) in the Thai Language means “morning”. Now like many nouns, this word can be used in many situations.

Good Morning (Semi-Casual) – Sawasdee Tdorn Chao

(“Sawasdee” simply means “Hello”, “Tdorn” means “Moment/Time”) Good Morning (Traditional/ Formal) – Arun Sawas (“Arun” means “the Rising of the Sun/Morning”, “Sawas” is shortened from “Sawasdee”) Now lets talk about food, well because who doesn’t want to talk about food!

Breakfast – Khao Chao

Khao (ข้าว) = rice/ meal (as rice is the stable food of Thai People, therefore almost every meal is considered to have rice in it) So! If you combine, Chao (เช้า) = morning, with that. You will result in “Rice/Meal Morning” which means, “Breakfast”!

Now that you know how to greet in Thai, go on! Go search for your first Thai “Khao Chao” of the day.

Well stay tuned guys and “Sawasdee tdorn Chao” again! And we hope you will have a lovely day in Bangkok ☺

From all of us at Chao Hostel,

Sawasdee krub!

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