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Have you been eating too much Pad Thai? Are you looking for an alternative noodle-based Thai dish to enjoy?
Pad Thai is the most internationally known Thai dish when it comes to stir-fried noodles. But what you may not see too often as an option at smaller Thai restaurants in your respective home countries overseas, is the Pad See Ew or Kuay Tiew Pad See Ew.
Lingo Tip:
  • Pad = to stir-fry
  • See Ew = soy sauce
  • Kuay Tiew = noodles
Similar to the Pad Thai, Pad See Ew is Chinese-influenced and is a kin to Malaysia’s and Singapore’s Char Kway Teow.
In fact, Pad See Ew’s popularity amongst the Thai locals is either on par or possibly even greater than that of the notorious Pad Thai.
This dish consists generally of the flat/widen/ broad noodles or “Sen Yai” (Sen = String/noodles, Yai = large) that are stir-fried with Chinese broccoli leaves, garlic, egg, your choice of meat beef (nuea), chicken (gai) or pork (mhoo).
Pad See Ew’s sweet and salty delight is backed up by the use of white pepper, light soy sauce, dark/sweet soy sauce and fish sauce. A taste which balances out so well with the bouncy and succulent Sen Yai noodles and the refreshment of the Chinese broccoli leaves.
For those of you overseas who would like to cook your own, please see to the following youtube video:
The great thing about Pad See Ew is that the consumer will have more of an option customizing your own taste in comparison the complex nature of the Pad Thai.
If you are at a local Thai restaurant or a street food stall that does “any food you want” (Aharn Tarm Sung), you may find that there are generally about four condiments before your eyes.
  1. Fish sauce
  2. White Vinegar with pickled chillies
  3. Chilli Flakes
  4. Sugar
If you observe the locals, many of them actually use all four condiments. It may sound bizarre to add chillies and sugar together but the sweet and spicy taste is quite something.
Pad See Ew is a great example of a simple yet brilliant dish in our local cuisine. Be sure to try this out at the more authentic/ street “scene” while you are in Thailand. For those of you beyond our borders, try to look for it in the menu next time you are craving noodles and a Thai taste.
A pleasure as always and happy hunting krub!
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