Sawasdee torn chao (good morning) all!

Though Bangkok is a vibrant city that has so many things to do and see, there might be some moment you just want to escape the hustles and bustles of the capitals.

Knowing so, we’re talking about some weekend getaways in this blog!

Let’s start with an easy city getaway.

Look no further than our friendly hostel for that.

Every Thursday-Saturday evening, Chao hosts 3 following weekend activities.

Thursday Movie Night

Every Thursday from 20:00pm, sit back and let a lazy movie session heal your all-day-walking-around fatigue. In the common room, we screen great movies and let you enjoy with Thai snacks such as prawn or fish crackers and our homemade tom yum-seasoned nuts. Do expect some Thai films, of course with English subtitles!

Friday Quiz Night

Every Friday from 18:00pm, let our staff challenge you with quizzes. We guarantee it’ll be fun and full of good-to-knows, mainly about the hostel you’re staying at and the fabulous Thailand. The rules are simple. We ask you about 10-15 questions and if you get the answer wrong, you’ll have to down two sips of beer. New to the city? No worries, the booze is on the house!

Saturday Pong Night

Every Saturday from 18:00pm, come join us at the lobby for a classic beer game. To jazz up the rule, we let you choose between two- and three-table distances. If your throw makes it across three tables, your opponent gets to gulp down more beer. Among the fizzy beer cups, there’ll also be some of our house ya dong hiding. Woot!

But if the city stay is not your kind of escape, we have another choice.

If you’ve been to California’s Coachella, you may imagine what this lifestyle fest looks like.

This December 17-20, Wonderfruit eco-friendly camping trip returns to the fields of Siam Country Club, Pattaya with art and music acts, talks, workshops, wellness activities and a bunch of food.

Music stage will feature international names like Yasiin Bey, Jon Hopkins x Chris Levine, Present The IY_Project,  Daedelus, Howie B and Submotion Orchestra, joined by locals like Pongsit Kampee, Greasy Cafe, Boy Thai, Kidnappers and Dan Buri.

The art side has the Main Stage taken over by JOEL DEAN STOCKDILL, Solar Stage by VITA Motus, Soi Stage by Issue x Bang Bang, Molam Bus by Jim Thompson Art Center, to name a few.

Talks and workshop lineup sees starchitect Duangrit Bunnag as well as Dream Rockwell, The Sharing Neighbourhood with craft activities like Mask Making by Daniel Popper and natural dye by Gowentgone.

Foodies will have their stomach filled by pop-ups by Bangkok’s big names like the Gaggan, Peppina, Rocket and Knock as well as some veggie treats from Broccoli Revolution. NY bartender Shingo Gokan will be taking care of the booze.

Full pass to all four days of the fest sets you back 5,500 Baht and can be purchase via

For more information, check out

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