Sawaddee torn chao everyone!

In case you haven’t already known, Chao Hostel is located in downtown, amidst culture and shopping hubs, in one of the most vibrant area in Bangkok.

If you ride the BTS sky train to Chao Hostel, you’ll notice that a stop before national stadium is called Siam–yes, the same old name of Bangkok.

So just a BTS station away (which is actually just a 5-minute walk) from our hostel, you’ll find the area every Bangkokian knows.

Siam Square is one of the long-standing shopping and entertainment area that was first constructed in 1970. It’s a bunch of shop-houses with a variety of business that attracts various people.

Even so, the main crowd in Siam Square tends to be young people, ranging from high-school students to university students and young adults, who would spend their time shopping, watching movies, dining, getting tuition or simply hanging around.

List up mall activities and you’ll see that Siam Square provides you all you need from a mall, without having to get stuck in one big indoor space.

In fact, there are even three malls in Siam Square area namely Siamkit Building (which accommodates a lot of tutoring centers), CenterPoint (beauty and fashion hub) and Siam Square one (the biggest mall that focuses on both dining and shopping). And though Siam Square is surrounded by four other big malls (Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and MBK Center), it’s still standing strong thanks to its friendly vibes with affordable, trendy goods.

To dine, there is a range of restaurants and cafes to fulfill your crave. Vegetarian-friendly institution Koko offers comforting staples in a no-frills setting. Long-standing names also include sukiyaki shop Coca and Thai restaurant Baan Khun Mae. Several restaurants gained their reputation from opening their first outlets here before expanding to other parts of town, like Baan Ying and Kanom Krok Baitoey. Even the latest dining trends in Bangkok like Korean food and desserts have arrived here early. Red Sun tteokpokki, Dak Galbi and bingsoo shop Seobinggo, to name a few.

To shop, many independent designers have built their brands from opening shops here. But designer goodies are not the main purpose of shopping in Siam Square. Not only in tiny shops but also along small alleys line fashion traders who either produce or select both unique and trendy items to Siam Square people. The area below Lido cinema building, for example, is a hub of clothing and accessories.

One of the most unique experiences in Siam Square has to be the two old cinemas, Scala and Lido, which curates some independent movies other big cinemas don’t screen (while also showing movies from major studios) and let you watch them at as low as 100 Baht. There’s even no modern ticketing system at Scala. You’ll see a seating plan paper, on which the staff crosses the seat numbers and writes them for you on your ticket, all manually.

In addition to those mentioned above, you can find photo and film services, beauty salons, cooking studios, music schools and banks in the area.

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