You can make booking 24/7 through our user-friendly website, OTA’s or sending an email on

If its too complicated, please feel free to call us at this number: +66 (0)2 217 3083, our office hours is from 07.00 to 24.00.

If you call from 01:00 to 06:59 we will be sound asleep and you will have to leave a voice message.

You can also make your reservations on our website:

Change booking & cancellation

If you have made your booking with us through our website, by email or by phone, and if there’s a problem with your flight, or you simply just want to change dates or cancel your reservation (we obviously hope you won’t because you’ll be missing out on all the fun here at Chao Hostel!).


We have good news! You can change or cancel your booking without any fees.

However, you MUST contact us at least 24 hours (48 hours during the winter) before your intended arrival date.

Oh and another thing! In the case of no shows, late cancelation or any late changes on your bookings, the first night of your stay will be charged.

For any bookings made with an online travel agent (Booking, Agoda, Expedia,…), please refer to the modification or cancellation process on their website or customer service. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any modifications or cancelation directly.

You can also make your reservations on our website:

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in: 14.00 (02.00 pm)
Check-out: latest 12.00 (12.00 am)

Please Kindly tell us if you will be arriving early and need an early check-in.

On the day of your check-out, you must leave the room/dormitory no later than the time shown above.

So you better set your alarms and don’t go wandering anywhere too far from the hostel before checking out!

Please be advise that staying in the room any later than this will result in you being charged an extra night. (Ouch, please don’t let it come to that)


The full payment of your stay is required at the check-in.

So please make sure you have your cash ready or if you like, we also take credit cards as well!

If you choose the pre-paid option via the internet with our partner, please present the voucher or the confirmation email you have received from the travel agent/ agency.Oh and another thing! In the case of no shows, late cancelation or any late changes on your bookings, the first night of your stay will be charged.

For any bookings made with an online travel agent (Booking, Agoda, Expedia,…), please refer to the modification or cancellation process on their website or customer service. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any modifications or cancelation directly.

You can also make your reservations on our website:


Bangkok is an awesome city but at times, like anywhere, something can go wrong.

Our Hostel is no different, we are all about having a good time here but sometimes you might break something on a fun drunken night out in Bangkok.

So at Chao Hostel, we have a policy that you will have to make a security deposit in cash at the check-in.

The amount is 500 THB. Any missing or damaged items will be deducted from this amount.

And of course, if you have behaved nicely during your stay, we will return the deposit money to you will once you have checked-out.


We understand that sometimes booking flights back home or other circumstances can shorten your stay with us (sad face).
Don’t worry, here’s how we can help you out.

Once check-in is done and you feel like you have to make some changes with the dates of your stay with us.

You can be fully refunded from 2 days onwards after we’ve been informed. So please, tell us as soon as possible if you need to change your booking to accommodate your travel’s plan.

Okay so if here’s an example if you are a little jet-lagged:

  1. You check in Day 1 for a 7 days stay.
  2. Which means that by Day 2, you will have inform us that you need to leave on Day 3.
  3. Therefore, Day 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be refunded. However, please understand that your payment for Day 3 will not be refunded.

If that is still confusing and you have any further questions, please just call us or email us, our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

General Information on our Hostel:

Guests are expected to respect other guests as well as staff, local residents and property.

All services and bookings are subject to availability. Chao hostel reserve the right to refuse service or may check out any guests anytime who behave in a disorderly manner or intentionally disturb the other guests or staff. Guests who have been evicted will not receive a refund.

If guests cause any damage to the house or equipment, they will have to cover the damage and pay the loss of income due to caused damage.

For most of us, there’s no need to explain those house rule, but just in case, here’s a reminder:


We are all adults here and we trust you. So there is no curfew imposed, but please be considerate when coming back late by keeping the noise level down.

For example: Don’t have a loud, long, enlightening drunken conversation with your best buddies you’ve just met in the middle of the hallway/ room at 3 a.m.


Be friendly. Introduce yourself around — Hostels are a great way to meet people and share experiences and travel’s tips.

We will help you as much as possible, from the best bars to finding souvenirs or the best street food places, in that case, we might even join you if we are hungry and free.

However, we must Kindly remind you that you are responsible for your stuff; the hostel and our staff are not responsible for any loss of items.

Please keep your belongings locked up in the lockers provided in the dorms or in your private rooms.

But if you are really worried, we can store your belongings in a safe upon request.

Food & Drinks

We know travelling can be expensive and you might be hungry, so we are more than happy to provide free Thai snacks in the morning but please Kindly wash your utensils (cups / plates) after use.

For hygiene reasons, please do not consume of food inside the dorms and rooms.

Our Dining area is open for 24 hours and you are more than welcome to comfortably to chill with your friends with drinks or snacks that can be bought from our bar/ counter.

We kindly to ask you to be considerate and follow our policy for absolutely NO FOOD AND BEVERAGE from outside. Especially NO DURIAN inside the hostel as other guests will not be able to tolerate the smell.

It is really, really bad for some people, if you haven’t tried it, we suggest you search for it and you will understand why.

Luggage storage service

For those of you who will might arrive early or have a flight later in the day or even at night. We understand if you want to explore the city as much as possible before checking in/ or once you have checked out.

You can leave your luggage with us for a maximum of 12 days in our storage but we will not be responsible for any losses or damages to your belongings.

Water and Electricity Conservation

At Chao Hostel, we are committed to generate the smallest environmental footprint possible!

We hope and ask you to be reasonable with the use of these resources.

Please turn off the air-conditioning and lights when you are not in the room.


If you have any visitors, a new friend from Khao Sarn Road or anyone in particular, please meet them in the lobby and dinning area.

Please understand that visitors are NOT allowed in rooms and the rest of the hostel.

Illicit Activities

No sexual activities in the dormitory, our “chill” area (Common Room).

No use of free access’s computer for porn or other illicit subject.

It is absolutely forbidden by Thai law any storage or use of any drugs and firearms. We are required to inform the police in case of violation of those laws.

Please be considerate and don’t disturb the Hostel’s Peace and Feng Shui!


You may only smoke within the premises of smoking area, which is the Green balcony.

Please do not smoke in other areas of the hostel.

According to the Thai law, if you refuse to follow this rule, you will face a 2000 THB fine.

Minors and Children

Guest under 18 years old need to provide permission from a legal guardian / parents or be accompanied by one of them.

One child up to 7 years old can stay for free using the existing bed in the room with their parents.

Any child older than 8 years old will be required to have his own bed.

Children are not allowed in dormitories.


Unfortunately, we don’t allow pets and furry friends in the hostel. But if you have a picture of them you would like to share with others, feel free!

Children are not allowed in dormitories.


Dormitories are separated. No men are allowed in the lady’s dormitory. No ladies are allowed in the men’s dormitory.

No sexual activities in dormitories.

Please keep in mind that fellow travelers who share the dorms need to rest as well, so please do not make any noise past 10.00 p.m. Others need to sleep too!

Communal area

No food in our “chill area” (Common Room), except for small snacks, water and casual alcoholic drinks. Those are fine.

For everyone’s interest, please do not take in the books from the library into your rooms as friends and fellow travelers may need it.

We have many movies and DVDs at the front desk, please don’t hesitate to ask and go through our collection!

“Alright! Enough of the serious talk! Come over and relax at Chao Hostel, make some new friends, explore Bangkok and we hope you will have had the time of your life with us!“ – From all of us at Chao Hostel.