Good Morning all! (Arun Sawas/Sawasdee tdorn Chao)

(in thai-karaoke language: Sook-San-Wun-Mae)
“Sook-san” means “happy”
“Wun” means “day”
“Mae” means “mother/mum/mom”
Straight translation: Happy Day Mother
Meaning = Happy Mother’s Day

Just in case you all might be a little confused and curious about how Mother’s Day is practiced in Thailand. Don’t worry, we can help you out with…………….

CHAO’s Fun Fact of the Week (!):
Did you know that Mother’s Day in Thailand is also Queen Sirikit (Queen of Thailand)’s Birthday?
Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 12th of August every year and is also a national holiday in Thailand. In Bangkok today, you will be able to see large portraits of the Queen being put up on buildings and streets being covered with royal symbols and decorated beautiful lights in honour of the Her Majesty. Most of these decorations will be in blue as it is the Queen’s royal colour.

The Grand Palace and other Thai landmark locations (and yes, shopping malls too, air-conditioning is important) will be covered with lights so if you are free, we would recommend you pay a visit there tonight! Perhaps have dinner at a restaurant near by the river and the Grand Palace. If you would like to find a nice restaurant with a nice view today or perhaps if you are travelling with your mother and would like to take her out (although with such late notice it might be fully booked), please ask us at the front desk or leave a comment and we can recommend you a restaurant or food area near by.

Another possible alternative option is to just grab some street food and walk along the “Sanam Luang”, a public square/ open field just outside the Grand Palace.
Sanam Luang (pronounced: Sa-nam Luang) will also be beautifully decorated tonight with special fireworks in honour of Her Majesty. It will be around 15 minutes from the Hostel via Taxi but however, as you all know during rush hours (5pm-7:30pm) it can be quite unpredictable.

Thais do take this holiday quite seriously and most, if possible, will spend time with their mothers today.For example, taking them to temples, performing charitable activities, offering food to the monks in the morning and now perhaps more modernly, take their mother out for a nice meal in town.

Also this year, with the upcoming trend of bicycle riding, many people will be partaking the “Bike for Mom” event. It will be on this Sunday, the 18th of August. So no need to be confused while travelling in Bangkok, just take a little caution when you are crossing the road, Thais love their mothers very much.

On the note of a more traditional culture, Thai people will seek out a White Jasmine (in Thai: มะลิ, Thai-karaoke: Mali, pronounced: Ma-Li) flowers-based garland and present these floral appreciations to their mothers as a sign of love and respect. The White Jasmine Garlands or as Thais call it, “Puang Malai” (in Thai: พวงมาลัย, Pronounced softly: Puang Ma-lhai) are often used during important ceremonials, they are normally given as very respectable offerings and kept for good luck.

Speaking of which, we better get going before all the best looking “Puang Malai”s are all sold-out!

Oh! Oh! One more thing before we hit the road, and maybe find ourselves a refreshing breakfast and some coconuts along the way (sounds good right?).

Please bear in mind that today is a national holiday, therefore traffic is going to be rather packed in central locations. We would recommend you take the BTS (Bangkok’s public sky-train, and yes it is air-conditioned!) if that is probable for your destinations today.

From all of us at Chao Hostel,

“Suksan Wun Mae” and Sawasdee krub!

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