We’ve created the best hostel in Bangkok for solo travellers. Travelling the world by yourself takes courage. Sure, it offers the freedom to respond to your whims without having to discuss your next destination with your travelling partner. But travelling solo can also get lonely at times.

Travelling solo can also be more expensive than touring with a partner, especially if you want to book a private room from time to time. Spending time with a partner in a private room can be much more preferable than spending every night sleeping in a dorm room full of snoring strangers.

We took all the problems and advantages of the solo traveller to heart when we created the Chao Hostel backpacker hostel in Bangkok. We created a comfortable, communal space where it’s easy to make friends and spend an evening discussing travel tales and recommending places to go next over a cold drink and snacks.


Share one of our vast 6 bed dormitories with fellow travelers and friends at our boutique hostel in Bangkok. Best deal for budget travelers, groups and those who want to meet new people. This 55 sqm room provides individual storage with each bed, comfy pillow, lush blanket, Free Wifi, two individual shower room and toilet. Dormitories are separate, male and female.

Amenities / Features

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    High Quality Single Bed
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    Electric Socket
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    Private storage
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    Male or Female Dorms
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    Wifi & Room

Room size: 55 sqm
Starting Price 600-. Baht

Comfortable and Modern Dorms

If your budget demands that you stay in a dorm, we have dorms that aren’t just a series of beds lined up so close together that they scarcely allow you any breathing room. Our dorms are limited to just six beds in 55 sqm of space. The unique design of our dorm layout also provides you with a bit of privacy. 

Booking a stay in our dorms provides you with a comfortable single bed, an equally comfortable pillow, a quality blanket and an all-important nightlight that allows you to catch up on your reading after your dorm-mates have turned in for the evening.

The dorms also offer two separate showers with complimentary toiletries and a separate toilet. The dorm accommodations are separated according to gender. And there is always free Wifi at Chao Hostel.

Quiet Private Rooms

Our backpacker hostel in Bangkok also features private rooms for when you’ve had enough of the world and just need a place to get away from it all and relax in air-conditioned comfort and peace. The rooms feature a large LED TV when you just want to veg out for a while.  

They also include either a large, comfortable queen-sized bed or two twin beds if you’ve met up with a travel partner who is heading to the same places you are and you want to share expenses. The rooms also feature a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

For the best hostel in Bangkok for solo travellers, book a stay at the Chao Hostel. We understand all the needs of both solo and group travellers, and we can more than satisfy those needs.