Sawasdee torn chao (good morning)

While all the festive holidays already passed, we like to think it’s still in giving season. And even though there’s no seasonal excuses, letters and postcards are still good souvenirs for friends and family.


Today, we’re explaining to you how the postal service works here in Thailand.

First of all, you have to know this word: prai-sa-nee which means post and can also be used to refer to post office.


Let’s start with postcard. Sending a postcard from Thailand is easy and simply cheap. For a regular postcard, the fee is only 15 baht per one card and the rate applies to any destination in the world.


Simply stick post stamp that’s worth the amount (can be the sum of few stamps) and you’re all set. Tip: don’t forget to ask for a “By airmail” blue sticker when purchasing stamps and stick it on to your card.


For letters and parcels, it’s more complicated since the weight and distance are all added to the cost.


To check, visit this page and let the program calculate for you.


Postal service centers range from stand-alone post offices to in-mall counters. The one closest to us is located at Chulabook building in Siam Square. (For post office search, try


If you can’t find any postal service center nearby, you can also drop your letter, sealed with stamps in one of the bold red post boxes around town.


Hot spot: Grand Postal Building

Known in Thai as Prai-sa-nee klang, the Grand Postal Building, located on Charoenkrung Rd., is one of the historical buildings. The gigantic scaled construction with perfect symmetry gets its influence from Germany and Italy while also leaves the cues of Art Deco architectural style. The iconic part of the large building has to be the detail in the garuda sculptures on the top four edges of the center part. Though the large lobby doesn’t operate as a post office anymore (it’s moved to a small room on the left wing), this place is still a great destination for art appreciators. The post office, though has become smaller, stores a range of collectibles stamps for post connoisseur.

Getting there: Why not trying taking bus number 36 from the stop on Phayathai Rd., opposite MBK Center? And tell the bus conductor that you’ll get off at “prai-sa-nee klang”.

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